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Modern Golf Swing Fundamentals

After mastering you stance and your grip it comes time to learn the fundamentals of the modern golf swing. The first part of mastering your golf swing is the backswing. Without a proper backswing you will have a hard time hitting the ball. Without making your arm rigid your left arm should stay straight during your backswing. The elbow of your right arm should point down to the ground. If your body is a clock your arms should be at the 11 o’clock version. You should rotate at the waist. Your shoulder, arms, and hands should work as a unit and move together.

Once you have mastered the backswing it is time to move on to the downswing. This is where your weight will be shifting forward. Your weight will go from your right foot too you’re left foot. The swing will remain smooth and balanced. Keep your left arm straight as it comes down.

As your club approaches the ball you should keep in mind that you’re aiming to shoot through the ball and carry on. If you don’t follow through with your swing the ball will not go where you want it to go. Keep your eye where the ball is on the ground until you have finished the swing. This will not only help you hit the ball but it will help your follow through.

The club should only move on one plane of motion. This is key to helping you raise your score and reduce your handicap. If you wobble back and forth as you swing the club it will not only cause your swing to be weird but it will reduce the chance that the ball will go where you want it to.

With these tips your golf swing should be much improved. You will be able to take it a step above the others on the golf course. The most important part of your swing is to keep your eye where the ball is and follow through. Master your swing and you will master your game. Once you have mastered the modern golf swing you can go into more advanced techniques including other swings and bettering your aim. Golf is a complex game that will keep you learning. Please read more about “aids for swing planes” at